Look Closer to Apple Pie and Cinnamon

Nope this is not a culinary post or a recipe blog. Sorry to disappoint hungry people though.

This post is about a  story of a girl. Let’s call her Apple Pie. Apple Pie has been in a long term relationship with her boyfriend, whom would we call Cinnamon, since they met in college, here in Singapore about 5 or 6 years ago. They’ve been together ever since. Apple Pie then had everything she wanted. A good settled life in Singapore, with so many great friends around, a good career, even an offer to be a public teacher (which is sooo amazing in Singapore), but she turned down the offer, and she must quit her job that she liked and she would sadly leave all of her friends and she must leave Singapore.


She did them all in the name of love.

Because her boyfriend (was then in a long distance relationship with her) proposed to her. Then she must follow her boyfriend (then became future husband) to where he lived, which is a city that if compared to Singapore is much less developed. And the most horrifying thing was, she didn’t know anyone in that city. She must restart her life. She leave everything she has just because of a guy.

In this paragraph, you probably would think “This girl is so stupid.”

I would too…

That, until I knew what her reason is, and that this is not “just a guy”.

I was in the same condition with her when Bandi was talking about going back to his hometown and I straight away told him “No way, we’re breaking up.” So I was blown awayyy with how universe works. Universe arranged my encounter with this girl and we talked and talked and talked until midnight and she opened my eyes of how idiotic love can be. And love should be that way. I requested Bandi to be idiotic, while I stayed sane. That wasn’t fair.

Now let me tell you the other side of the story of Apple Pie and Cinnamon, and let’s take a closer look.

Apple Pie and Cinnamon had the amazing two years relationship when they were in college. Spent so much time together and later found out that they were made for each other. Apple Pie learned a lot from Cinnamon, especially of how Cinnamon treated his family. He was the family guy every girls dying to have to be their husband. Cinnamon was not like that at all, then she learnt how to call her mom and asked her how she is and stuffs. That was one of so many things Apple Pie learnt from Cinnamon.

Long story short, after graduated, Cinnamon moved back to his hometown, a city in the other part of Indonesia, far from Capital city Jakarta, and not Apple Pie’s hometown either. Cinnamon had to move back because he had to inherit his father’s local business. His father was getting old and that was something he must do. Apple Pie tried to understand that but she still stayed in Singapore, for another 2 or 3 years and for that period of time, they were in a long distance relationship.

I know Apple Pie loves living here and it must be so hard for them to decide what to do for their future. They must decide something or otherwise they would be in an LDR for the rest of their lives! (And trust me that’s not a wise idea!) So I met Apple Pie, about 3 months ago. She told me she would go back to Indonesia for good. I asked her why and she said because I wanted to be with Cinnamon.

I asked why again, and she explained.

In the first two years of relationship, when they were still in college, it was all about her. She was the center of the universe. Cinnamon did everything for her. Because it was only the two of them. There were no parents or family involved. Apple Pie knows that Cinnamon would do anything for her. If he could, he would stay with Apple Pie in Singapore, and continue to treat Apple Pie as the center of the universe.

But Cinnamon has a family and he must take care of them and that is something that a man must do. And this is the time for Apple Pie to pay back the favor. Now she wants him to be the center of the universe. She would do anything to make him happy. And she knows he’s happy when he’s with her and his family. So she would move in with him, to an unfamiliar town, which language she couldn’t talk.

I, before knowing her personally, would never ever ever understand why a woman would make a sacrifice for a man like that. That is so degrading for a feminist like me. I would probably call her names like dumbo or stupido or anything.

But then I knew her, and she was not at all stupid or delusional or weak. She was just in love. And she proved me that love does conquer all, my friend.

I am so touched with her bravery and her big heart. It surely wasn’t an easy thing to do, but remember this:

“Sometimes the right thing and the hard thing are the same thing.” (Liz Lemon – 30 Rock)

I’m sorry I didn’t know her sooner. But I’m glad in that short period of time, I met her and got to know her better. We could’ve been BFF if she didn’t move out, but however I’m grateful that I met her.

She made me reflect about my relationship with Bandi which is more or less in the same situation. Bandi is just as worth to sacrifice as Cinnamon and there’s nothing I should hesitate that he will take care of me like he takes care of his sisters and his mother. He’s a family guy that every girls dying to have to be their husband.

But, my heart is not as big as Apple Pie. I am selfish and for these 6 six years of our relationship, not even once I put Bandi as the center of the universe. It’s been always me, me, and me. I have to be the center of his universe, now and always. I have to be spoiled in every possible way. And I don’t feel bad, because I love that.

God knows how much I love Bandi.

I told Apple Pie that. And she said, people speak different love languages, like in Gray Chapman’s book. And I shouldn’t feel guilty. Everyone express love in different way, different language. (You can find more about this in Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages).

Universe works in a strange way. I met Apple Pie in a cycling event, got to know her over a Pasta cooking session and talked to her til passed midnight, and finally realized how love conquers all over a short coffee in Cafe Cartel. Yet this lady made a difference in my life.

The wholemeal spaghetti that we cooked.

I hope I can deliver the message of love and sacrifices in this post. I hope there are no more stupid judgments over the things people do in the name of love. I used to be that person and now I’m not anymore. Love is the most important thing in life. Everything is worth sacrificing for love.

Hey there, Apple Pie. Thanks for inspiring me, and changing my perspective about love and sacrifices. Have fun on your next adventure with Cinnamon. And see you on your wedding day! So excited!!!

Cinnamon’s niece drew this for their wedding day.



P.S. All photos are taken from Apple Pie’s instagram.

P.P.S. I use fake names just for fun purposes. :p

P.P.P.S Update: Apple Pie’s reaction of this post!

17 thoughts on “Look Closer to Apple Pie and Cinnamon

  1. This is a beautifully written, sensible and balanced reflection on one of life’s existential choices. Loved to read it.


    In novels (well, even in real life) impetuous love affairs between two people burning all bridges behind them and irresponsibly engaging in a dashing relationship based on mere passion, can be great :).

  2. honestly I am inspired from others who could achieve their dreams… you have reached higher standard by working in singapore, why not go beyond that? :)

    • Because not everyone has the same definition of dream vin. :)
      I’m happy where I am now and don’t wanna become greedy. I am planning to leave for better country though but if it didn’t work, I could always come home. :)

  3. I am very much looking forward to that one day where I’ll meet the perfect stranger who will change my life and put an end to my inner torment and angst :p

    You have the most exciting life, May, and tell Apple Pie that she had touched my life as well! *mulai memikirkan opsi ikut ke Oz*

    • Yoan!
      When you say that “I do” words, I think that automatically means “I’ll go wherever you will go” right? Otherwise marriage would be just a non-sense legalization rubbish. Am I right?

  4. i can totally relate to this post. salah satu alasan gw batal/tunda sekolah adalah karena pacar gw.
    dan karena itu ga sedikit yang bilang gw bego, buta karena cinta, menyia-nyiakan masa muda dll.. ga muna juga sih, kalau liat foto temen-temen yang sekolah, masih ada perasaan penasaran dan terus muncul sejuta “what if”. tapi begitu ketemu, bercanda dan cuddle up sama si pacar rasa penasarannya terus ilang aja :)

    menurut gw, sesuatu yang bikin lo hepi dan hati lo nyaman, pantes buat diperjuangkan.and, staying does not mean i’m losing, or even worse, giving up my dreams.

    yakan yakan? *nyari temen*

    • Hmmm another point of view. Gue juga belom nemu jawaban yg bener. Tapi mungkin ga ada jawaban yg bener. Yang ada cuma lu stick sama pilihan lo atau ga. And again, how you see it.
      Gue juga merasa banyak membuanh kesempatan dan tidak mengejar kerjaan impian karena gue udah terlanjur ketemu pacar. Tapi yah kayak lo, semua yg bikin kita seneng dan jadi enjoy life itu ga boleh di take out from our lives kan?
      Yang pasti apapun keputusannya, apakah itu kejer karir, stay sama pacar, yang penting bikin kita seneng dan jangan disesalkan. :)
      I hope you’re still with sang pacar and all end up happilly!!!

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  6. — baru baca postingan yang ini —
    Do u know May, for me you are one of those strangers who can give me such an impression and make me rethink of my life hahaha. Serius, baca tulisan-tulisan lo kadang bikin gw tertampar ( ini udah sering gw komen di postingan lo juga ya kayanya),dan salah satunya ya post yg ini juga. Cerita si apple pie ini juga uda nampar gw (apa gw aja yg kegampangan ditampar2 ya? LOL), about how i sometimes demand my husband to be in his center of universe, like i (feel like i) used to be when we havent got married. and how things changed, after family involved and everything, we can not be so selfish again, we have to compromise and we have to sacrifice. then i realize one more thing, a family guy like cinnamon, like bandi, and also like my husband, is a guy that most girls are dying to have as their husband -like you said -. and it’s all worth the compromise and sacrifice. again, thank you for sharing :)

    • Oh Dea, this is a very sweet comment. I’m glad that I’ve shared this because for me this story is one of those stories yang ngebuat gue (juga) rethink my life, like “Did I do this right?” or “Is everything on the right track?” Katanya cewek tuh kebanyakan mikir. Itu ada benernya juga, ya? Hehehe. I’m really REALLLYYY glad we’ve found each other’s blog. =)

      • Yeah me too.. :) tulisan lo beneran banyak bikin gw mikir loh, bikin gw sadar hehe.
        Btw, gw rasa sih mungkin ga semua cewe kebanyakan mikir, tapi cewe2 bertempramen tertentu aja yang kebanyakan mikir hihihi. dan mungkin gara2 tempramen kita ada yang mirip, jadinya kita sama2 kebanyakan mikir hahaha.

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