Why I blogged?

Writing has been something I enjoy doing since I knew how to hold a pen. My dad introduced me to write a journal since I was 6 years old. I got hooked ever since because I’m naturally an extrovert person who loves to tell stories.

Fortunately I’m lucky to have a very interesting life, thus the stories won’t be so boring.

This is my online personal journal marking the most memorable moments in my life, hopefully years from now will bring sweet smiles upon my face (or laugh) and everyone who’s reading it.

I write mostly about everything I believed in in my earlier days of blogging: my passion of traveling the world, my beliefs about gender equality and bringing dolphins back into the wild. Since 2016 I specialized this blog to be only about my travel, because I’m always going somewhere and my life evolves around my travels.

Born in Jakarta, I grew up wanting to get out from the city. When I was 15 years old, I moved to Bogor, then to Bandung, then to Singapore where I currently live with my loving husband who loves to cook and play football. We wish to move somewhere else in the future.

My hubby, Bandi and I first met in 2005 or 2004, didn’t really remember, but we first had a conversation in my friend’s birthday bash, on 22nd of October 2005.

I played his football keychain and it all started with “Eh, you like football too?” The keychain broke the next day, and turned out to be a conversation starter. We went out for some movies with friends and had little butterflies, shared strawberry milk and a romantic walk in the middle of the night, but somehow no one really started anything.

We met again on my 20th Birthday and started dating afterwards. He asked me out on 7th June 2006  and said he wanted a relationship. Italy won the world cup two weeks later and we thought it was a sign that we were meant to be together.

Along the memory lane...

Along the memory lane…

We fell in love some time between the laughter, the long deep meaningful talks and the adventures. He then became my travel buddy.

one of the craziest moment

Late 2008, He moved to Texas temporarily, which is thousand miles away from Indonesia. In January 10th 2009, he took off to the States and we started this Long Distance RelationShit since then. In late 2010 I moved to Singapore and he graduated from Texas A&M.

Bandi left US for good 2 months after he graduated to start a new life in Singapore. We’ve been living together ever since.

A new year's kiss, and for the rest of our lives.

A new year’s kiss, and for the rest of our lives.

7th June 2013, On our 7th Anniversary, he kidnapped me to Changi Airport and flew me to the city where we first met, Bandung. And then he proposed.

And of course she said Yes!

And of course she said Yes!

We got married on 7th June 2014,  exactly on our 8th Anniversary.

Photo 10-6-14 10 12 01 pm

We currently live in Singapore where he cooks and I write, and we travel in between. We travel most of the times, for leisure, for adventures or for work. It’s very normal for us not to have the whole weekends in a month in Singapore, so when we do have a weekend in Singapore, we’ll sleep in, or plan another trip.

We hope to keep traveling til we’re 70 years old. By then, we would have owned a mountain lodge and live there til we die. :)

17 thoughts on “Prolog

  1. Mbak, ak juga LDR loh, hihihi :D
    asik nih kita bisa sharing soal LDR ya ;)

    “who ironically don’t believe in marriage” jd inget he’s just not that in to you :|

  2. g suka foto2 lu nek.. hehehehee..
    bkn foto cw2 full make up, tp hasilnya bagus hoho..
    (jgn GR luh y g bilang bgini) wkwwkwk..

  3. gw suka tulisan dan PUISI u may ^0^ keep writting..emang kesedihan hidup sekalipun bisa bikin kita menghasilkan sesuatu yang indah..makanya klo hidup u normal2 aja,,u ga akan kaya sekarang hehe..

  4. Hi ka! Just read your novel and I am wondering… Were u UNPAR student? Hehehehe
    Saya juga dulu kuliah di HI UNPAR, lulus 2011 kemarin dan baca novel kakak, saya kok merasa kita satu almamater ya? Soalnya detail bgt deskripsi tentang hal-hal yang berbau unpar, even mata kuliah – mata kuliah HInya. Hahaha.
    Well anyway, nice novel you wrote. Ditunggu novel-novel berikutnya :)

  5. Hi Kak May salam kenal :)

    Udah sering baca2 blognya nih tapi baru komen sekarang hihihi. Suka banget baca2 blognya nih, aku link ya kak. Nice to know you :)

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