Songkran 2019 – My first of the hopefully many

This was my third time traveling to Bangkok, but this time was special because it was the most festive time in all Thailand; Songkran time!

If you’re not familiar with Songkran, it is Thai’s new year holiday and the Thais are celebrating it by water party! They are literally splashing water anywhere, anytime and nobody can get mad! The water is representing blessing, thus just soak in and get wet!

I’ve wanted to join Songkran for a long long time, but my job wouldn’t allow me because I used to be super busy in the first 4 months in the year. When I changed my job last year, my first thought was to monitor the busy period to plan for following year’s songkran, and then here we come!

When to go for Songkran?

Songkran could last up to one week in certain area of Thailand, but mostly only the first 3 days are spent by playing with water, partying with water literally all day all night. It starts on 13th April and last to 15th April.

What to prepare for Songkran?

To be honest, I didn’t know much before I actually did songkran myself. My friend who is a Songkran high flyer only told me to prep for waterproof phone case, don’t even bother to wear waterproof raincoat. You will GET WET regardless, just enjoy it. I was literally WET full body, until the very last defend (panties).

Water gun is a must! You can easily find many types of water gun throughout Bangkok to purchase. We purchased ours with quite good deal because we bought 6 of them, however don’t expect too much on the quality because 3 out of 6 didn’t even make it til the end. Bandi brought huge gallon of water at some point to splash water at people, just because it’s satisfying.

Khao San Road

There are also a lot of water refill stations throughout Bangkok, some are free, some costs 5 baht if it’s iced water. Yes, ICED water. They literally throw a huge block of ice into the water tub so when you shoot water at people, they will get chill!

The situation during Songkran is totally fun! It’s like playing game, but real one!

The other thing you might want to purchase is a uniform. Most people wear colorful flowery shirt during Songkran because of tradition. These shirts are sold everywhere and it’s gonna be fun to purchase a flower uniform with your Songkran team. We didn’t know this until we actually went there. We saw a lot of groups wearing vivid colors uniform so we copied them rightaway.

This is us, just right after buying the shirts

Where to go for water fight (in Bangkok)?

After talking to local cab drivers, we narrow down water fight locations to these. There are probably other places too, but I can only write the places that we actually went.

  1. Big C (opposite central world) –> There are water running hose all day all night, with DJ playing house music. Water fight while dancing. Anyway, you can go all the way to Pratunam and there are literally non-stop water fight throughout the pedestrian walk.
  2. Khao San road –> famously known as the biggest water fight street! Totally did not disappoint! Be prepared to get wet!
  3. RCA –> If you’re ready to party the whole night while getting soaked with water splash, come here! I didn’t expect RCA roads to be so happening during Songkran. I mean, I knew it would be crowded, but maaaann, this is another level. They are totally turning the whole RCA road to be rave party!

Rave party everywhere…

Pratunam Market

Songkran while pregnant

Water fight could be an exhausting activity, especially the weather in Bangkok during Songkran time is very hot, so you will get exhausted even faster; however I was really having fun playing with water so of course I didn’t really feel tired during the water fight, but only after.

We went in a group of six, with similar maturity level (read: age), thus our energy level was more or less the same. We played from lunch time til before sunset, then go back to our airbnb to take shower then we will avoid water fight during the evening. (We did get wet a little bit, but try to run away from it or avoid walking in the street altogether). And we wake up quite late everyday.

Beside the heat, there is nothing bothering me. I’m having hot flush in my pregnancy thus imagine being in the summer heat, I almost exploded. I was also being more careful not to slip (it’s wet everywhere) and sometimes some place could be a little to crowded so I was just covering my bump so people won’t knock on it.

Should you experience Songkran?

Absolutely! Thai people are the best, they are friendly and fun. When you’re visiting Thai during Songkran, they’re even more fun! I know Songkran is not the most eco friendly festival, by throwing fresh water, but I guess some tradition is worth to keep and continue.

Stay respectful for the local tradition and beliefs, you’re visiting their country anyway. And don’t forget to have fun!


May, missing the water hose.

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