So I feel like putting up my bucket list on my blog so I dig up my old diaries from primary school til date and compile what I think still relevant. (Because when I was 10 my wish was only “BECOME AN ARCHITECT” so I guess that’s impossible now). I know this will sound kind of boring because most of them are traveling wish, but anyway. Here are my bucket list, (which mostly I have done and will do with my boyfriend, now husband).

The list however will always be evolving. Because I do evolve as human. =)

  1. Falling in love with a stranger.
  2. Watching live match of WORLD CUP.
  3. Visit Ennio Tardini Stadium in Parma. Read here.
  4. Meet Fabio Cannavaro in person. listen my screams here!
  5. Living abroad.
  6. Perform in a band.
  7. Travel around Europe. Read here.
  8. Scuba diving.
  9. Bungee jumping.
  10. Dye my hair.
  11. Having twin babies.
  12. Dancing under the moonlight.
  13. Become a journalist.
  14. Publish a novel. read it here!
  15. To speak French.
  16. Send my mom to her chosen vacation.
  17. Having a man to ask me to dance in the rain.
  18. Watching Bon Jovi concert. Went to their concert at KL in September 2015.
  19. Having a romantic walk in Paris.
  20. Being invited to a talk show.
  21. Own a Golden Retriever.
  22. Skinny dipping.
  23. Finish a marathon. Details here!
  24. Own an inn or F&B business (coffee shop/cafe/restaurant).
  25. Being loved unconditionally by a guy.
  26. Once in a lifetime, win a lottery.
  27. Ride a Ferrari.
  28. Having a ride on the back of running truck.
  29. Being actually able to swim, then going swimming in the ocean.
  30. Winning something.
  31. Dancing on the top of the table at the bar.
  32. Watching rock concert.
  33. Skiing.
  34. Laying down on a sunflower field, lavender field, or any flower field (as long as not rose bushes, ouch!).
  35. Work for United Nations.
  36. Receiving a letter from a stranger.
  37. Owning an emerald.
  38. Find a job that I truly enjoy.
  39. To witness all the dolphin from RWS being released. See here why.
  40. Perform an erotic dance.
  41. See both of Van Gogh’s Starry Night paintings before my eyes. Saw one of two.
  42. Watch broadway musical.
  43. To witness a bar fight.
  44. Visited 5 continents.
  45. To see Midnight Sun and Aurora Borealis.

The list is ongoing from time to time. And also crossed one by one from time to time. (Universe hear hear!)

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