How to eat dinner at Sushi Tei and wake up with flat abs the next day?

Usually, when people have something really good going on in their life, they don’t wanna tell because they’re afraid of jinx. I kinda believe in jinx too, but when that something good is so good that it changed your life, you kinda want people to know about it so it could change their life too, to be better of course.

(Disclaimer! I will talk about fitness and health. If you’re one of those people who think fitness and health matters are craps and that “everyone has only one life so they can eat whatever they want”, you may quit reading.)

First of all, I will make a confession. I’m a perfect example of a bad yo-yo diet. I’ve been in a yoyo diet for almost 4 years… I have my fit moment when I sit up everyday and then go for a mayo diet (suffer myself like hell for 13 days) and then acquired that toned abs; I also have fat moment when my abs are bloated and I binge eat almost every night. Pizzas, fries, endless sushis, you name it. I’m the queen of binge eating. I was even still eating when I knew my tummy was full, just because I felt (temporary) happy when I ate (That’s the definition if Binge Eating, that is to continue eating when you’re actually full to make you happy.)

Thankfully I’m gifted with pretty good metabolism, but ironically it’s also a bad news. Losing weight is so easy for me, so is gaining weight. Thus, I’m a perfect example of yo-yo diet. Yoyo diet is the kind of diet that will ruin your body in long term. One week I eat healthy food, one week I eat junk foods. I could never pass a week (unless the mayo diet) for a certain diet. On weekend I always went back to binge eating.

I was depressed, because I always wanted to be fit. I struggled psychologically because I always tell everyone that looks are not important, that we have to love ourselves, etc, etc. But then why did I feel so guilty and sad the day after binge eating?

Am I a hypocrite, I thought.

I tried drinking green juice, it lasted about a month with binge eating every weekend. Nothing changed on my body.

And then…. I stumbled on a photo that changed my life forever. It was a transformation photo of a girl who lost half of her body weight and became healthy.

I mean, I saw these kind of photos a lot of times, then why did it really strike me so hard that time? It was the motivating words from the person who trained the girl… for free. Her name is Cassey Ho. She’s a pilates instructor. She created an exercise called pop pilates, a pilates that use pop songs. This sounds very normal, but when you watch her video, her positive energy and her perkiness will definitely hypnotized you!

So I googled her that day and read her blog the whooolleee day! I realized something, I’ve already had one of her working out calendar on my pinterest, yet I’ve never done it, or never even bothered to start. I read one of her blog entry that said “don’t start on Monday, start NOW!”

So I opened the beginning calendar and did my very first pop pilates work out. I was sweating like craaaazzzzyy, and guess what? I actually enjoyed it! I couldn’t wait to work out again the next day!

On the third day of my pop pilates journey, I followed what Cassey taught about clean eating. Everything seems so scary and weird at first… But guess what? It was easier than it looked like!!!

What is clean eating?

Let me redefine clean eating with my own words: clean eating is basically eating ONLY the food that’s good for your body. Food that contains protein, good fats, and all the good nutrients. This sounds so complicated, but this is very simple, really!

All the food that comes from the earth are good! All fruits and vegetables are earth grown! All good! All animals are good, but like us, animals could be fat too, so don’t eat their fats, eat their lean meat! Don’t eat chicken wings, eat chicken breast. Don’t eat pork belly, eat pork loin. Eat lean fish like salmons, tunas, snappers, etc (please do google them).

“Can I drink milk?” Yes you can! Drink natural Almond Milk! Don’t drink milk that is already flavored and packed in the supermarket! They’re full of sugar!!!

“Can I drink coffee?” Yes you can! Drink espresso with 1 teaspoon of raw sugar, not FRAPUCCINO for god’s sake!!!

Just follow your instinct! You think it’s good, it probably is, not sure? Go google it.

You can basically eat anything you want… as long as you know it was made/cooked/baked in the “clean” way. So, how to make sure it was made/cooked/baked in the “clean” way? SIMPLE. Cook your own meal! :)

What about the bad food? Bad foods are the foods that make you full psychologically but not physically. Junk foods like McDonald’s are the best example. Cheeseburger, for example: buns are white breads and white breads were made by white grains which are bad carbs. The cheese is processed with god knows what. Dont get me started with the patty, oh god.

Basically, never eat foods that you didn’t know how to make. If you don’t know how they cooked your food, DON’T EAT IT! DO NOT PUT BAD STUFFS ONTO YOUR BODY!

If you think you crave them, this feeling will go away after 14 days of clean eat, because the MSG/sodium will leave your body by then.

This might sound like a lot of work and a lot of non-sense, but let me tell you…. I feel the difference!!!! You should too!!!

My meal plan

The first three days were the adaptation. It wasn’t difficult, really! You just need a huge commitment. Here’s my meal plan for the first three days:

Breakfast | 7 am

Scrambled White Egg (4 eggs)

Banana Oatmeal pancake (recipe below)

Snack | 10 am

Peanut butter wheat bread sandwich (literally wheat bread with peanut butter)

Lunch | 12 pm

Lean meat 120 gr, vegetables

Snack | 4 pm

10 pcs almonds or 1 apple, 1 cup of greek yoghurt

Dinner | 8 pm

Lean meat 120 gr, vegetables

Supper snack | 10 pm

Cottage Cheese or greek yoghurt –> Mostly I miss this because I’m too full to eat.

Working Out

I work out E-VERY-DAY! Yes! I work out every day, following blogilates beginner calendar, you can download here. I have one rest day of work out but I still do stretching. Can I work out when I don’t eat carbs? YES A THOUSAND YESSSSS!!!

Whoever said you need carbs to function was a big fat liar! And it’s not like you eat zero gr carbs! You get carbs from vegetables and oats and wheat bread. You just stop taking the bad carbs!

Recipes for Lunch and Dinner

Well you can find A LOOOOTTTTT of clean eat recipes online, but probably it would scare you because it’s full of things you’ve never heard before. At first I was reluctant, so I followed the simple ones from Cassey’s Blogilates Forum. If you’re too lazy to dig it, let me give you some of my simple recipes to start…

Always remember this: Eat clean is balanced diet, means you have to eat 120 gr of lean meat/high protein ingredients and at least 1 cup of vegetables. You can cook them anyhow you want UNLESS FRY THEM. Cook with only these condiments:

  • extra virgin olive oil
  • light soy sauce
  • refined salt / the kind of slat that looks fancy (LOL)
  • all kind of spices: pepper, turmeric, cumin, basil, oregano, thyme, etc.
  • salsa sauce
  • cottage cheese
  • greek yoghurt
  • tabasco
  • apple cider vinegar

If you want to try new condiments, try to read the calories label and think whether it is clean or not. :)

Balanced clean eat: lean meat and vegetables

Balanced clean eat: lean meat and vegetables

That is my usual dinner: I marinate the salmon with lemon, basil, oregano and dried tomato. Leave it for 1 hour and then grill it. It’s delicious!!! :) And for the vegetables, I usually chop them in cubes and boil them, after tender, just sautee it with extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of salt. It tastes awesome! :)

Recipe: The clean cap cay!

Photo 23-4-14 1 12 07 pm

This is my made-up recipe. The ingredients were:

  • 120 gr chicken breast
  • 1/2 broccoli, chopped
  •  1/2 carrot, chopped
  • 1/4 paprika
  • 1/2 tomato
  • 1/2 cucumber

Sautee them in extra virgin olive oil, then season with salt, pepper, basil, oregano and salsa sauce. Voila! It’s awesome!

Recipe: The typical Grilled Fish

Photo 23-4-14 10 20 56 pm


Buy any lean fish and then marinate with lemon, oregano, basil, salt and pepper. Grill them and add vegetable on the side! Voila! Another awesome dinner!

Recipe: Tumis Toge dan Kentang

Photo 27-4-14 12 19 34 pm

Clean eat goes local! Yes! Bandi cooked an Indonesian dish and it’s clean! Ok, we did cheat with bratwurst but it was because we had to cook the bratwurst or it would goes to waste. :p


  • Tempeh
  • beansprout
  • chillies
  • seasoning

Just sautee the garlic, onion and chillis, then put in the tempeh and beansprout. Season and then eat! Yum! Yum!

Recipe: Quinoa with prawn/chicken and Veggie

Photo 1-5-14 1 13 01 pm

I cooked this because Bandi was craving for “nasi goreng”. And according to the internet, Quinoa gives a feeling of eating rice. AND IT’S TRUE!

How to cook:

  • Boil one cup of Quinoa with one cup of water inside the rice cooker. Put in some chopped onions.
  • When boil, add in carrots and paprika.
  • 10 minutes later add prawns or chicken and some chillies!
  • Season and serve!

Recipe: Clean Chilli Con Carne 

Photo 4-5-14 8 02 44 pm

Photo 4-5-14 8 16 19 pm


Have you eaten a bowl of Chilli? It was soooo good that you thought food this good must be unhealthy! But guess what, we could cook the clean version of Chilli and I tried it last night and it was soooo damn good Morganfield’s and Applebee’s can suck it! LOLOL.

I wrote the ingredients on the top picture. Basically just add the ingredients to the pan. Tomato paste came in last. Just stir them for 1-1,5 hours and let it soaked. It’s delicious!!! :)

Recipe: The Ultimate Breakfast!

Photo 27-4-14 9 30 06 am

This is the one that I talked about. BANANA/BLUEBERRY OATMEAL PANCAKE!

I can’t believe that healthy food can taste good! And it’s not only guilt free, it’s high of protein could help you burn fats! Yes! Right! High protein diet can help you burn fats! isn’t that awesome?!


  • 6 white eggs
  • 1 cup of oats
  • 1 banana, mashed
  • blueberry (optional)
  • chia seeds (optional)

Put all the ingredients in a bowl and mix them. And then pour them in a pan! VOILA!

Serves: 4 pancakes / 2 persons.

Anyway… these are just some samples of easy clean eating recipes. You can find thousands of interesting clean eats recipes out there. :) I just want to show you that it’s not that difficult to cook a healthy and clean meals. :)

How did clean eat change me?

First of all it changed my stomach. :)

Photo 1-5-14 11 38 44 am

Everyday I wake up, my abs get harder and harder. I don’t sit up regularly anymore. I just do pilates everyday. But trust me even you do pilates everyday, it won’t pay you unless you eat clean!!!

Working out and eat well are two things that can’t be separated. The two of them must run together in order for your life to change! TO BE BETTER!

There’s nothing wrong with you, yes. But if you can improve your life to be better, why not? I don’t wanna sound so annoying. I might think this is non-sense too, but once I finally realized I’ve been living my life in the wrong way, I’m so glad I’ve tried this clean eat lifestyle.

So, will I stop eating ayam penyet? Of course not!!! I can eat “dirty” meal once in a while. However, one or two bad food every month won’t hurt. :) Don’t be too hard on yourself.

But for now, I don’t even want them. :)

I want to have a killing bods on my honeymoon! :D Awesome motivation, huh??

Photo 3-5-14 1 55 35 pm

I feel better and better and better each day. :)

The best thing about my new diet is that:

  1. I’m always full.
  2. High protein intake helps me burn fats even when I sleep!
  3. The meals taste delicious!

Should I compare with Mayo-diet?

No. Mayo diet is a 13 days super clean diet that can make you lost a LOT of weight! You can lost 6 kgs in 2 weeks with mayo diet! It’s okay for you of you want to do it. I’ve done it too. :)

Clean eat is more like a lifestyle. It continues for the rest of your life. :)

To be honest, I didn’t lost a lot of weight. I lost 1 kg every week. But suddenly all my dresses are too big to wear. Yes, it changed my body to be more toned and fit. :)
What if I’m lazy to cook? Well I just go to Subway! :) or go to western food stall and order blackpepper dory fish with steamed veggies on the side. :)
If I can cook everyday, then all of you who have maid should have no excuses! ;)

And then I went to Sushi Tei…

Yes! We all know sushi is full of rice and rice is bad carbs and I looooooooveee sushi!!! How did I survive that?

I went to Sushi Tei with my friends and ordered beef salad, 10 slices of sashimi and lobster salad. Guess what? I was full like craaaazzzy and the best thing was… I woke up the next day feeling awesome! All the high protein from the salmons helped my muscles to grow when I slept so I woke up with toned abs!


I’ve been living in a lieeeee! Noooo!!! LOL

So yeah, that’s how I realized… I should tell everyone that I’m actually on a diet! A GREAT DIET THAT CAN CHANGE PEOPLE’S LIFE!!!


You wanna start eat clean too? =)


May, happy and fit




19 thoughts on “How to eat dinner at Sushi Tei and wake up with flat abs the next day?

  1. What an inspiring post! I am happy for you May you have found this. Thank you for sharing. You look indeed fit and show the glowing face of a bride to be…

  2. don’t start on monday, start now

    that is so true! “I will start it on Monday!” or “I will start it next week!” or “I will start it next month” all these words are the worst. because when the monday, or next week, or next month come, these will be repeated again and again!

    I did the clean eating too ce, for a week, and it changed me a lot XD
    though I need to stop and supply my brain with its needed carbs when the mid term came (midterm is suck!), and now that it ends I’m gonna start again tomorrow~ yes tomorrow because today I still had a test mwahahahaha!
    let’s do it togetheeer ce Maaay~

    but I need to do the work outs too…. me didn;t do any work out that time hahahaha ^^;;;;;

    thanks for sharing, as always <3333

    p.s. yeeeesss great, great honeymoon! that'd be the celebratory feast ;D

  3. Wooow this post is such an enlightment :)
    I might do it for my honeymoon too, May (couldn’t find a better motivation for this complicated life style, IMO) ahhahhahahah

  4. Sebetulnya orang yang langsing blm tentu sehat lagi, May. Temen2 gue banyak yang kurus tapi kolesterol tinggi en punya high blood pressure. Ada orang2 yang karena metabolism problem, selalu montok, ga bisa kurus, tapi blm tentu mereka pasti ga sehat.

    Paling ideal sih emang masak sendiri, cuman ya ga semua orang punya waktu en fasilitas untuk itu. If you do, then good for you.

    Soal perut ga bisa rata itu biang keroknya emang makanan sih. Walaupun elu olahraga tiap hari (cardio en pembentukan) kalo makanan ga dijaga, sama aja bo’ong.

  5. Ce gua pernsh ngelaksanain clean-eat ini and it changed me a LOT, too. Masak sendiri uda paling bener, kita tau kualitas makanan kita spt apa dan cara masaknya bgmn. Skrg lg ga bisa masak tiap hari tp diusahain kalo beli makanan, menjurus ke clean-eat. More vegetables less carbs. Olahraganya brenang, sit-up, cardio.

    Btw perut lo bagus banget Ce, ntar lagi pasti gua bisa kya gitu muahaha PD

  6. Masak sendiri emang paling bagus. While temen2 gue nyangkain gue bawa makanan dari rumah daily karena mereka mikirnya “lebih murah”. Lucu ya di Indonesia ini, kalau orang ngga beli makanan di luar dianggepnya karena ngarah murah. Padahal masak itu belum tentu lebih murah kan? Yang jelas lebih sehat karena kita tau apa yang kita cemplungin ke dalamnya.

  7. Aaahhhh! Sukaaa jurnal ini. Menginspirasiiiii banget, May!
    Dan iyessss, aku liat mukamu makin kinclong pasti karena PD maksimal perut rata serata lantai marmer… :)
    Btw, aura calon pengantennya makin keliatan, loh! :D

  8. Your article is a practical translation of “Mens sana in corpore sano”. Lots of wisdom and useful information … and photo’s of tasty meals.

    O Lord, I’m a sinner… help, help me!

  9. As for Subway? Which type you will choose? Thinking to eat at Subway daily for lunch coz I will have to walk 1 km back and forth just to reach the place. Should be healthier than the glorious char siew fan next to my office. I love this post really.

    • Hi Suzie. For subway, you can eat roasted chicken or tuna (because I love tuna) dont go for egg mayo! If you can, try to pass the bread option and go for salad. Their salad is in big portion so it could actually make you full. Add avocado for good source of great vitamins ( i love avocado in my salad) and go for red wine, sweet onion and/or honey mustard. :)
      Good luck and have fun!

  10. Very inspiring! Walopun masih belum punya will untuk melakukannya sih, olahraga aja masih angot-angotan nih gue. But I really need to take a good care of my body.

  11. melihat perut lu yg rata .. gua jadi pengen coba clean eating + rajin olahraga. yg penting olahraga sih tuh. suka males ya ampun hahaha

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