7 girls who you should never settle down with!

At this crucial age, I’ve seen a lot of guy friends made bad decisions. Apparently the marriage Euphoria doesn’t only affect women, but men too. I honestly don’t understand why men have to settle down fast? I mean, men don’t have biological clock that ticks annoyingly (not that women should care about it too) and men are considered more stable when they are older. By “more stable” I meant RICHER. Yes, gold diggers dig old men, don’t they?

Anywaaaaayyy, I seldom write for my fellow male friends/readers frienders (OH WOW I just invented a word! TM by May!) but when I do, I make sure this speaks from the bottom of my heart.


1. A girl whom you never see without make-up

I don’t care about appearance, but this is important. YOU HAVE TO see your wife-to-be without make up because it is when you realize whether you truly love her or not. COME ON, this is 2014, make up can change someone’s face, SERIOUSLY. I don’t say that having a girlfriend with thick make-up is wrong. NO. It means she has one hell of creativity. But it’s about whether she is CONFIDENT to show her true skin. If she’s not comfortable enough to show you her true skin, then she either doubt your love or she has a super low self esteem. Trust me you don’t want those.

2. A girl who spends all of her money on stuffs she wears

Yes, we all buy stuffs. Girls buy clothes, shoes, make-ups, bags and all the superficial stuffs and IT’S NOT WRONG. It’s how we have fun. But it is wrong when that girl spend all of her money on stuff! She doesn’t spare some for insurance, gym, cooking lesson, books, DIY craps crafts, music CD, concert tickets, furniture, cooking appliances, language course, inn-app purchases (I know this is silly but at least it’s not stuffs she wear), anything that could guarantee that she has other hobby than just dressing herself up. Any hobby, really.

3. A girl who never pays

Oh this one is HIGH ALERT, I tell you. Girl who never pays when you guys were still dating will most likely definitely vacuum all of your money once you guys get married. TRUST ME. I mean, she never even paid parking ticket? Or movie ticket? NO HELL WAY! And if she never bought you any birthday card, or Valentine card (let alone a gift), SHE DOESN’T LOVE YOU TRULY! She doesn’t have money? EXCUSE! Girls can always make stuffs!!! And handmade stuffs are more romantic anyway!

4. A girl who creates problem, a.k.a. The Drama Queen

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I was once a drama queen. But I stopped once I fell truly in love. So yeah, no excuses! When she acted all crazy and created problems, it could only mean one thing: She just wants to play. Once a girl falls in love truly, she won’t want to play again. :)

5. A girl who is weak.

Physically and psychologically. YIKES! I hate this type of girl the most! I just hateeee weak girls who ALWAYS NEED MEN. EWWWWW!!!! “Ohh, I can’t carry my bags, it’s so heavy…” “Ohh, I’m so sad, this morning I couldn’t find my pink tank top. I need men to make me feel better” EW!!!

A strong girl doesn’t need to be all muscular and wonder-woman-like, but at least she can carry her bag and her grocery bag! Yes, cavalry is nice when a guy offers us to bring our grocery bag. But when a guy is not around, we CAN do that ourselves! And don’t get me started about the “I’m the victim of bullying” crap. Sometimes a girl positions themselves as a victim and I HATE THAT. YOU CAN ALWAYS FIGHT BACK! Instead, they need men to fight for them. EW! Seriously Eeewww!

6. A girl who doesn’t (or seldom) eat.

She is so self-conscious about her weight so she stopped eating. Well, dear, why didn’t you stop breathing instead? It doesn’t mean that she had to go binge eating everytime, but at least she EATS something.

This will go back to point number 1; you don’t want a girl with self-esteem problem because it will seriously ruin everything!!! No matter what you see in her, she will always think she’s ugly, fat and worse than any other girls and she will feel insecure all the time. AND IT’S ANNOYING BEING AROUND THAT KIND OF GIRL. Trust me, run while you can!

7. A girl who doesn’t have BFF’s.

I used to think having girlfriends were too much problems, because you know, girls are more complicated than guys. But then… every girl must have (at least) one girl that is reaaaaalllyyyyy similar with them in minds that they are like twins. Even though they don’t have similar minds, as long as they love each other, they will always be BFF.

When a girl has BFF, it means she has life. She will not bother you 24/7. She will have some girl time and she will treasure you because she chose to be with you because she loves you (and will sacrifice her time with her BFF) instead of because she’s lonely. A girl who has BFF also means that for (at least) one person out there, she is VERY IMPORTANT, and she is worth to love. :)

And what about a girl who doesn’t have BFF? Well, she’s either a bitch or… a bitch. Yes, she’s a bitch, period. Maybe she always ended up flirting with all of her girlsfriend’s boyfriends, maybe she stabbed her girlfriends behind their backs, maybe she was a liar, a drama queen that was just too much to handle? Trust me, if a girl wouldn’t handle this one, YOU WON’T BE!

So that’s it! 7 types of girls that you wouldn’t want to settle down with! Don’t believe me? Go ahead and try! Don’t tell me I didn’t warn ya!

Just want to remind you guys… that girls are as strong as you. We never tried to overpower you or being above you, we just want to be equal with you. And when one day you marry one of us, that means we are forming a team, not you owning us. :)

P.S. This post was also written for celebrating Kartini Day that happened yesterday! :)

P.P.S. And to end this fabulous post, let me post this inspiring quote-picture:

“Fight like a girl” is indeed a compliment. :)


May, fighting like a girl.


40 thoughts on “7 girls who you should never settle down with!

  1. Hey, Selamat hari Kartini!! :))

    (anyway I’ve passed that 13 days of diet mayo torture, and thanks May it works! :) the problem now is how to keep the weight after diet, which is soooo hard to do!)

    • OMG vinny!!! You’re awesome!!!!! :) you must be so proud of yourself! :)
      Yes it is hard to maintain but if you could pass the 13 days of torture then you can pass anything!!!! Semangat!!!

  2. Setujuuuuuuuu May! Berarti gua layak dinikahin. wkwkwkwkw.. :p Tapi emang bener.. si jp paling gak suka sama cewe yang tiap hari dandan. cakep sih. tapi kata dia, pasti biaya maintenance-nya mahal. wkwkw..

  3. hmm saatnya introspeksi, semoga gw ga msk dlm 7 kategori diatas hehehe
    yg nomor 6 bagus bngt may, gw jg sk bete sm temen cewe yg kerjaannya cm diet all the time :D
    ayo May buat yg versi cowonya, mungkin kalo cowo yg hrz dihindarin lebih dr 7 kategori kali ya? huahahaha

  4. Mayyyy I agree withh all the points you have shared! Banget banget agreenya… gw (dulu wkatu pacaran) biasanya gw bayar yang murah2nya sih macam ongkos angkot (kalo naek angkot), bayar tol kalo naek mobil, ntar dia bayar makan. Tapi kalo gw tau dia lagi bokek, gw bayar yang mahalnya, atau ada hari yang dibayarin semua ama dia, dan yang penting jangan terlalu itung2an juga sih ama pasangan…yang ada ilfil, saling ngerti sikon masing2 aja.

    Poin yang terakhir, yup gw ada liat temen gereja gw yang ga punya bff, ga punya circle of friends gitulah, sementara buat gw punya bff itu penting banget. Si cowo kan jadi tau kalo kita aja dicintai ama temen2 kita, berarti ada value dalam diri kita yang disukai dari sahabat2 kita. *ciyeeeee value apaan? tukang makan iyeee*

    Dan aku tak suka lihat kalian HAI PARA LELAKI YANG CUMA SUKA CEWE DARI FISIK NYA AJA!!!
    *You better check your girl again through the points above written by sang juru kunci cinta, May!! * LOL :D

    • HUWAHAHAHA gue ngakak di bagian terakhir Joey!! Sang juru kunci cinta! XD Maybe next time I’ll use it for my signature. Cheers, may, sang juru kunci cinta. MANTAP kan tuh!!! X-D

  5. A girl who doesn’t (or seldom) eat. — makanya kita laku bener ya may!
    sayur asem, iga penyet, enoki goreng, cah sayur ijo .. lemper sama risol jangan lupa! HAHAHA ..
    *hidup di bayangan masa lalu*

  6. Setuju sama semua point di atas…dan yang paling setuju itu yang nomer 5. Aku benci banget liat cwe yang tasnya dibawain sama cowonya….dan bukan cuma grocery lhooo yaa…tapi tas pribadinya, ya jadi si cwo macho2 bawa tas pink gitu… rasanya ya, kalo emang ga suka bawa tas, ya udah ga usah bawa, ngapain bawa tas kalo tasnya dipegang sama cowonya? bukannya tas juga salah satu ‘perhiasan’ wanita ya? untuk mempercantik diri ya? ya oke lah ya kalo tas belanjaan trus ada barang berat, trus si cwo bantuin angkat… tapi kalo tas pribadi gitu? lha? aneh tooh…
    Dan gue paling benci cwe yang merasa dirinya ga bisa apa2 tanpa pria… omg… gregetannnn…

  7. Maaaaay,…
    Kok ini seakan2 lo lagi posting tentang gue siiih..halah…

    Baca postingan ini, gue jadi nyadar lhooo…I am a great catch…hahaha…
    Gue suka malesan dandan, trus makan nya banyak pulak…
    Hobi mah gak usah ditanya lah, asalkan internet lancar buat download drama atau streaming an…gue mah anteeeeng…low maintenance lah…

    Dan waktu LDR an ama si Abah, padahal Fathir masih ASI, gue pasang aqua galon dan tabung gas sendiri lhoooo…bhuahaha…

    Beruntung banget lah itu laki gue mah!
    *komen minta dijambak*…hihihi…

  8. may suka banget deh postingan ini, setuju semua apalagi yang ke 5, gue juga paling gak demen deh liat cewe menye2 minta tasnya dibawain cowonya hahahaha.. intinya ya biar kita cewe juga harus bisa deh belajar ngerjain apapun kalo ga ada cowo.

  9. couldn’t agree more with you!!!! :)
    tentang yang make up itu… wuiiii sekarang pada serem2 ya make up nya, bisa sampe jadi beda banget gitu mukanya. emang jadi lebih cantik, tapi buat apa ya, kan kesannya pake topeng. not real gitu. what’s the point… gak ngerti juga gua… :P

    gua mau nambahin 1 point. mungkin ini cuma sekedar another example of weak girls atau ya bisa jadi a new point: girls with no opinion! “mau jalan kemana” “terserah” “pengen makan apa?” “tereserah” “mau nonton gak?” “terserah”. ampun dah paling males kalo ama cewek yang kayak begini (pengalaman pribadi hahaha). padahal kita kalo ama pasangan itu kan enaknya saling melengkapi ya, yang bisa diajak brainstorming, diskusi. kalo apa2 terserah mah malah bikin cape ati. :D

    btw tips ini selain berlaku buat cowok2 yang nyari pasangan, juga berlaku buat cewek2 yang nyari pasangan lho. point2 di atas harus dihindari/dirubah. :D

    • Bener jugaaaa! Mgkn kalo dibaca cewe dia bisa sadar gitu “ohhh…. Mgkn ini karena make up gue ketebelan…” Atau “ohhh ini krn gue menye2?” Hahahah
      Tapi yah man, susah juga hari gini tuh cowo justru demen sama cewe yg make up tebel dan gak punya opinion, gampang gitu katanya… Yah susah juga lah… Balik lg ke cowoknya ini maw dibawa serius apa ga? Kalo cuma pacaran2 aja sih gapapa tapi kalo sampe settle down? Mikir dl 1000x kali.

  10. May, Great post! Gw akan pake pedoman ini untuk G how to not be a girl like you described above. Point yang terakhir a girl must have at least one BFF, my remark is this must be a good one. Not a BFF who is toxic and dominant over her without her knowing it. Punya BFF untuk perempuan seperti cari jodoh, gampang – gampang susah ;-) I am in the middle of drafting a post about female friendship and have this as a point.

    Selamat hari Kartini, stay independent!

    • Yes!!! True true true! Ofkros! Bff yang setara, sama kayak pacar/spouse.
      It’s not about some bff is not good for you, gue merasanya gak cocok aja, apakah si bff nya ini terlalu controlling, atau terlalu ambisius, intinya kalo ga cocok yah terlihat kayak ngebully gitu. Tapi kalo cocok meskipun beda karakter tetep juga bakal do better for each other. :) at least that’s what I experienced. :)

  11. setuju banget! masalah bayar2an, waktu jaman pacaran dulu, uda ada kesepakatan… kalo gua yg ngajak, gua yg bayar… dia yg ngajak, dia yg bayar… fairnya kan kita ngajak, masa nyuruh dia yg bayarin juga… trus kadang kan suka ada cowo yg bela2in jemput cewenya ampe ninggalin acara penting, itu juga ga banget… kalo si cowo ga bisa jemput, ya pulang sendiri lah hahaha… dan gua juga sebel kalo ada cowo yg bawain tas cewenya… mending kalo tasnya gede dan terlihat berat, kadang cuma tas pesta kecil mungil mini gitu hahahaha…

  12. May, setuju banget sama poin-poin di atas, jangankan cowok, gw aja yg cewek males banget sama cewek macam gitu, apalagi buat dijadiin pasangan seumur hidup.

    eh soal yg jaim makan , menurut gw ya, salah satu penanda kita udah nyaman sama pasangan kita itu selain bisa kentut di depan dia adalah berebutan makanan. Hahaha, menurut gw kok romantis ya rebutan2 makanan gitu sama pacar *sama2 hobi makan*. lucu lucu romantis gitu. :P

  13. Setuju!! Satu hal yang akan gue tekankan ke Madeline adalah dia harus jadi independent woman, sebisa mungkin jangan bergantung sama orang lain, apalagi nyusahin orang lain.

  14. Hi may, salam kenal yak. G lupa da prnh comment pa blm di sini, yg pst sih pembaca setia. Hihihi…
    Kalo bokap g sering bwin tas nyokap g ato tas g. Kakaka.. Soalnya tas nyokap berat bener. Bnyk isinya, jd dibawain sm d. Trs kalo liat g rempong bebawaan jg suka dbawain. Suami g jg sering bawain tas g, krn kadang isinya perintilan anak anak yg yah dibilang enteng kaga, tp berat banget jg ga sih. G jd merasa org cemen stlh bc komenan yg pd blg sebel liat cewe dibawain tasnya, kakaka…

    • Hahaha, hai hai! Salam kenal juga. Menurut ku, kalau kamu nya cuek2 aja dan pede2 aja dan sang suami mau mau aja, yah biarin ajaaaa. Gak usah didengerin nyinyir2 gue gitu hehehe :)

  15. Pingback: When Your GF Never Pays Anything #UdahPutusinAja…. | nya's sweet escape

  16. Hai ci May, salam kenal… :D
    Aku mau minta izin masukin link dan capture screen salah satu paragraf di sini buat postingan aku, udah aku masukin source nya juga :D
    Tapi kalau kurang berkenan kasih tahu aja ya.. Makasih ^_^

  17. Baru bangun pagi beud baca2 postingannya nemu yg ini ngikik, suka. Aku males liat cewe yg gak bisa tanpa lelaki, dan dia memanfaatkan lakilaki untuk keinginanya minta diantar kesini-kesitu padahal gak jauh-jauh banget dia bisa lakuin sendiri. Kalo dibilang sah-sah aja ya sah mnurut dia kali ya, tapi hey….mustinya cewe bisa lbih independent. Nyokap ku bahkan berpesan kalo jalan sama cowo “bayar sendiri kebutuhanmu, jangan manja minta dibayarin dan jangan memanfaatkan, setidaknya gantian bayar” nyokap sih parnonya kalo ntar ada apa2 kita gak jadian si cowo nuntutnya macam-macam. Eh hai hallo aku mampir tulisannya bagus2 :D

  18. In my opinion your wrong on the seven types of girls whom you should never settle down with. Some girls do not eat because they have a problem with their weight (ANOREXIC GIRLS,etc) which they have a hard time getting over that. A girl with no Bff’s? Some girls do not have friends because they are either busy or are not social. Girls who do not show you themselves without makeup? Really? (Sorry if I seem mean or rude but I am saying my opinion and opinions can be mean) some girls do not like what they look like without makeup and like themselves better with makeup (Not a biggy). Girls who do not pay? Some girls truly do not have money and some just test the man if he is willing to pay for her all the time. A girl that is weak? No some woman are not a fighter and do not waste their time on people (They do not drop to their level). A girl who only buys clothing is one who doesn’t need anything else. Sometimes girls like clothing alot. Like me I buy a lot of clothing. But no one only buys clothing. We all buy some other stuff also. Oh and your spelling is a little off (Grammar). But anyways that’s your opinion and your thinking so I barely agree but this comment is my opinion. Since I am a female myself and I do not see how those 7 “Reasons” are a biggy. Anyways good luck and good day.

    • Hahahahaha thank you for your opinions Hannah. You ARE right, we’re entitled for our own opinions, that’s why I wrote the post in the first place.
      Anyway thanks for telling me my grammar is off, yes, it’s my second language. So ironic to get the critic from someone who said “your wrong” instead of “you’re wrong”.
      Next time, when you decided to bash on someone else’s blog, make sure to be perfect, dear. ;)
      I can always counter you with you so-high-level of arguments there, but well… Again… It’s people’s opinion.

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