Lose Weight Diary #1

Since I moved to Singapore and worked in the office (mostly sitting down), I’ve gained about 10 kilos for one year span. I didn’t really care before because my weight was still considered normal and I wasn’t obese. But when my weight was about to hit the number I was so scared (I won’t put my weight even if you begged me like hell), I felt THIS IS IT! I must change my eating habit.

There is never a problem with my exercise habit because I hit the gym twice or thrice every week, sometimes run or cycle or play badminton, so I can call myself active. But it turns out it’s not enough when your eating habit is just like pig. You have no idea how I eat. I eat so much and love to snack unhealthy food. This lifestyle is supported by my loving boyfriend who gained so much when he lived in the U.S. (mother of junk food).

Since we moved to the new house, I always cook myself, and never eat hawker food anymore. Hawker food is so oily and has big portion. During the first month of the cooking habit, I lost 2 kilos without even trying. I wasn’t satisfied as I needed to hit my target before new year. So I remembered this diet which was very famous along my college friends. I tried this diet 6 years ago and lost 4 kilos for only 5 days! I stopped because my weight hit 49 kilos and I looked like a bulimic bitch.

So, this diet is a very simple diet. It’s called Diet Mayo. I will pin-point the explanation for an easier understanding.

  1. This diet is 13 days diet only.
  2. Cold water and Salt is a big No-No. Once you eat salt, start over from Day 1. (trust me you don’t want that.)
  3. Must follow the menu and can’t eat any other things.
  4. Possibility loss between 6-7 kilos at average. (however Obese people could lose up to 10 kilos)
  5. You will feel tired and light-headed during this diet.
  6. You will pee a lot!
  7. You can only do this diet once a year!

If you are skinny, you can do this diet to lose all your fats, because this diet will trim all your fats. I don’t lose too many kilos maybe because most of my body contains muscles as I hit the gym quite often. I lost 5 kilos total during 13 days. (There I finally said it) Well those 5 kilos really make a difference because instantly all the tight pants become very loose.


This diet is guaranteed not to make you gain back all your weights if you finish the 13 days menu. However if you stop between these 13 days, you will likely gain back the loss that you have lost. So, think about it before you want to start. Will it be there any party or celebration that you have to attend on the next 13 days? Because this diet can’t be pause-and-resume. Plan your diet accordingly.


Don’t pig out after you finish that 13 days of hell. I know you would want to eat so many things, but try to control your appetite. However, I feel my craving started to fade away after the 12th day. maybe because it’s habit. I hope everyone will also make eating well as a habit. Try to eat home-cooked meal and stop snacking.

If you are already sure you want to do it, then you can download the menu here. Unfortunately the menu is written in Bahasa. So I translated it to English here.

I will be more than happy if you wanted to ask me anything.

Good luck with the 13 days of torture! =)


Love, May.

9 thoughts on “Lose Weight Diary #1

  1. Hoaaaaa..I’ll definitely hit this diet ;). I’m curious to see u personally miss may to see the 5kgs lost hahaha..
    Anw,congrats&happy for u !

    Cheers with love :*

  2. On behalf of all fat people: thanks or your solidarity and advice.

    I have some doubts about crash diets though. Whether it is recommendable considering the impact it may have on one’s health. I mean. And also I’m afraid it’s not that easy for most people to keeping their appetite in control after only a fortnight of craving for food.To change an immoderate lifestyle into a moderate one, well…

    Oh, you by the way you really tickled my sense of humour by this twist: “Good luck with the 13 days of torture! Love, May” >:D .

    • I believe that losing quite number of kilos in a short period is definitely unhealthy. But at least I found the safest one (for me).
      I can’t guarantee the risk though. :p

      Yeah it really was literaly 13 days of torture. Sigh

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