Once upon a time in Bandung

Let me introduce you to Bandung, a city situated 768 meters above sea level which make it so cold and breezy, and it could reach up to 17 degrees on the coldest days. Don’t forget to bring your sweater!
I lived once in the north area which has 3 favorite collage and of course my college was the best. ;)
Bandung is an artistic and esthatic city full of youth, because of its famous universities. It’s full of dorms, good (and  cheap) foods and drunk people. :p Bandung is like the Boston of USA, it’s like the Busan of Korea and a Cambridge of England.
I’m so glad I spent my youth there. It was the best four years of my life.
Every faculty will have their own party and events, so every weekend there are surely party to crash. So many of my friends living in different dorms, so when it’s too late to come back to my dorm and the door is locked, I could crash anywhere.
Until I finally moved to this amazing yet spooky house who host 9 crazy ladies, then I knew what home is. It’s not a place, it is people. I had never felt so homey in my entire life.
The house was so huge and old, it felt spooky sometimes. It has a huge garden and balcony so we could make garden party or balcony party or terrace party, wherever and whenever we want to.
I met the love of my life in college, got broken hearted, dumping and being dumped also in college. I was consistently riding an emotional roller coaster and all I could do was yelling, “OWYEAAAAH!”

Braga is a beautiful street in Bandung, the place where he, the love of my life,  took my breath away for the first time.
I worked a temp job at the ticketing booth. It was raining in the afternoon before so the road was wet. I could see the moonlight showering the wet road and it felt so poetic.
Just when I looked down and read my journal, a guy stood in front of my ticket booth, putting a bottle of water and a red rose.
It was my first red rose ever in my life.
Out of the blue, he put a red rose in front of me, took my breath away.
There are moments that you will never forget for the rest of your life, moments that you will tell to your grandchildren. And this moment is one of them.
I made friends, I lost friends, I took chance, I gave up dreams, I learned how to live life, I stumbled a couple of times, I managed to get up, all happened in Bandung, once upon a time.
Bandung is a place I could never get enough for. It’s like an endless addiction I’ll never get bored of, no matter how many times I come back.
Bandung is a medicine of my insanity. Going back there once every some time, keeps me sane, keeps me grateful and happy.
I love being grateful and happy.
Everyone should be.
Speaking of Bandung, I just came back from there. Yeah!
I took one day leave and spent my long weekend to eat good food and visit one of my best friend at his dorm, just like the old times. He’s still staying in his old dorm, the place I used to crash on, and sleep in when I was bored and tired with my life. He was always be there for me, lending me his bed and he would sleep on the floor. :)
I’m a super lucky lady to have a best friend like him.
We used to chat all night until we accidentally fell asleep. Everything from relationships, parents, dreams, and life.
This time, I thought I would only had an hour or two hours chat, just to catch up a couple of things. However he’s a lecturer now, holding shining degree and lecturing young people. I thought talking to him would be different. But minutes turn to hours, one bite of Bak kwa to finishing the whole sack, one piece of cigarette to a box.
Trust me, working May is not fun. I never could be awake until this late since I worked! Somehow, that night, I turned back into College May. The fun unbeatable college May.
I had the most fun and amazing college conversation in my 26th age.
That night, I somehow realized, youth is not how old you are. It’s how you act and think. I couldn’t feel any younger now, knowing that, I could always buy tickets and fly to Bandung anytime, drinking my youth juice and being rejuvenated.
I couldn’t tell the details of our conversation coz maybe I would have forgotten 90% of what we talked about. But we always remember the memories, the feeling of that night.
I believe everyone has their own friends who can stay up all night with you just to talk non-sense and giggling together. Those are the moments to remember. And good news is, it’s never too late to re-live the moment.
Nobody is ever too old and nothing is ever too late.
For me, Bandung is my magical city.
It’s the place I met best friends, I studied how to face real life, I did something real for society, I partied hard, I made drunk calls, I had my first kiss, I saved environment, I gave scholarships and received one, I stalked guys, I danced under the moonlight, I had the most amazing birthday in my life, I found what home is, I created my family, and it will be the place where I marry my man.
Sunrise in Bandung Airport
Now that I have introduced you to Bandung, the best place on earth, you should pick up a phone to book a shuttle now! Don’t forget to bring sweater!

5 thoughts on “Once upon a time in Bandung

  1. So you were in Bandung a week ago??well that’s amazing you still got back here and reminiscing your old days…miss you may! I wondered why I keep talking about you to my friends, talked about your blog, about our vision and our room of inspiration! Now I figure it out…it was because of your journey to Bandung! I hope you can spend a little more time in Bandung someday, so we can have our eastern treat! Good luck may! Don’t let your sanity controls you! Just stay insane…

    • Yes!
      I hope I can spend more time in Bandung and go there more often so we can have our easter treat againnnn!!!
      And of course having our wildly inspirational chat. :p
      Been missing jolly good life nesh… It was a good year. :’)

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