a small person with a big heart

As a best friend slash soulmate, I know I don’t see her so often. We’re separated by airplane tickets and airport tax. Yes, even my best friend and I are long distance. I don’t know why universe did that. (maybe it’s universe’s way to make me go abroad more.) But when we meet, we always appreciate the times and always talk about everything. She always knows whenever I feel down and vice versa.

I know, I know, it’s a typical statement to explain a best friend. Well, there’s no other way to explain a best friend. Best friend is a person who’s always there, not in your happy times, but in your hard times. And in my case, she’s always there when I need her. When I cried in the middle of the night, when I felt a major anger to my family, or simple a bad day. She always listens. Simply knows, simply there! Like a wizard.

She was born 5 days before me, and as Taurus as me, she is deadly romantic and a dreamer. Maybe that’s why we really connect. Even though the whole world is turning crazy, I know we always be sane enough to remind each other. Or one day we thought, “Are we actually the one who’s crazy? I mean, look at our dreams!!”

Yes, we’re a hard core dreamer, and so far, we’re on our way. ;)

She’s brave.

I personally love her braveness. She went to Singapore, all by herself, gambling her pride and her saving account, either to be a hero or a zero. And she did it! I know she would. :)

She’s as lucky as me.

She had this amazing love story that everyone would envy to! Yes, it’s in past tense. And the most amazing part, she could move on. Come on, how many girls are actually able to do that? Most of girls will find a rebound guy and live in fake relationship, the end. But she really tried so hard to find her way back. To get her idealism back. You don’t have to listen to anybody who always talk bad about you on someone’s facebook, dear… (you know what I mean.)

I’m so proud of you, you know that.

And you were the one who make me believe such great love story does exist. For that, I thank you.

We just met yesterday. She wasn’t really in her best shape, coz of some stuffs going on. Hey, if you read this (I know you’ll read this), I know you’re in a big question mark right now. About love and relationship and other stuffs. Just for you know, universe always has its way. We do believe that, right?! I don’t have any wise words to say to you, but just remember this everytime you feel down (and if open somebody’s facebook wall is not working anymore) :

I am a very selfish and stubborn person. But you always have your way to change my mind and you always make me listen to you. You are SOMETHING GREAT! I don’t know how my life and my relationship to be without you!

You’ve saved my ass from the fire for an infinite times!

For me, you’ll always be a small person with a big great heart.

Please never change.

Thank you for always find the way to know that I’m not fine and buzz my messenger right away. It’s weird becoz I usually didn’t tell you. But you knew.

I wish everyone has a best friend like you and me do to each other. Therefore, life is much easier.


3 thoughts on “a small person with a big heart

  1. well…how can i thank back u??

    im not as good as what written above anyway,,i just try my best to help u not to make a mistake as what i did
    **for this case,,u’re luckier than me :D

    really thanks
    this is truthfully the sweetest things i’ve ever got from my best friend..
    we will never change, promise u ^^

    will keep reading this memorable blog,as always
    my life is much easier also coz i’ve found my other soulmate, that’s you

    :*, ulen

  2. LIKE IT!

    bener kata lu met …

    “I wish everyone has a best friend like you and me do to each other. Therefore, life is much easier”

    I wish too..

    Atmosphere’nya beda ql denger lu atau ulen ngomong.. hehe..

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