Maybe this is why people got married.

Long time back then… I never wanted to get married, til some months ago, I still didn’t want it, surely.

The reasons are common. I watched failure marriage, and later on in my teenage years, boys were jerks. So, I just couldn’t imagine to live together with somebody for the rest of my life.

I fell in love, you guys know with whom, and I still thought falling in love doesn’t mean getting married. And I watched Oprah show. Janet Jackson was in there, they had talk about her new film, “Why did I get married?”

She said, she thought she could “change him” (Chico Debarge). And it was a wrong reason to get married. And she didn’t tell, if it was wrong, then what is right??

So… I kept wondering until it automatically faded away with newer things to think about.

Today, I talked with my boyfriend. I kept saying I’m afraid that I’ll lose seconds and minutes with him for unimportant things. Coz I only have 4 days left with him, and when you know you have limited times, you’ll live to the fullest.

I said, I’m afraid to sleep coz it takes lot of times and i’ll lose so many hours just to see him or touch him, feel him and kiss him. I’m too obssesed with calculating times.

Until he said, you will never ever get enough of us.

Then I realized when I was praying. Yes, I will never get enough of us, of him. Even though I have a full 4×24 hours with him, it won’t be enough.

And it occured to my mind, Maybe this is why people get married. Becoz they never get enough.

Becoz forever is the exact amount of time to spend with somebody you love the most.

And you get married to get law-security so there will be no one to get you separated from each other.

All I know is, living life with him is easy. He makes everything hard become much easier, simpler and more fun. So, I just want to be with him always and always, share every moment with him.

So, maybe I should get married with my own reason. =)

I just want to be with him… for the rest of my life.

And decided to get married can be that simple.


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